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Buff & Shine

Professional Polishing of Leather Shoes

Stain & Water Defense

Protect your Shoes from the Elements

Cleaning & Condition

Leather Cleaning, Conditioning, and Polishing

Shoe Coloring

Freshen your shoes by recolouring

Sole Whitening

Whitening Your Sneakers' Soles

Heel Tip & Cap Replace

For Men Shoes or Boots, as well as Lady's High Heels.

Sole Protector

Non-skid Protective Soles

Shoe Resoling

Bringing back your shoes' form and function


Shoe Recrafting Services

  • Replacement of Elastics

  • Replacement of Buckles

  • Replacement of Snaps

  • Replacement of Eyelets 

  • Stretching Shoes and Boots

  • Replacement or Repair of Tassels
  • Replacement and/or Patching of Straps

  • Replacement and/or Repair of Zippers

  • Replacement of Insoles and Heel Linings

  • Various Patch, Gluing and Sewing Repairs

Can't find what you want? Tell us what you need with a picture of your shoes; and we'll tell you how we can help you together with a free quote. 

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