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Using nanotechnology coating to cover your bag protecting it from water, dirt, and stains.

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Cleansing of the exterior, interior, and all parts of the bag including polishing of chains and buckles. Professional drying and deodorizing to reduce musty odors. Conditioning and moisturizing of your bag to keep leather supple and soft.

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Re-attached the falling apart parts of your bag. Patch holes, rips, tears in the bag's outer or inner lining. Sew broken or undone stitching, a hole in your bag, or frayed threads including change nylon or metal zippers.

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Revitalize your bags or wallets with a new coat of color. We have a color capture technology to accurately match your bag's original color with accuracy. This service includes coloring the edges of your bag and not just the leather panels.

Leather Repair and Alterations 

  • Change color

  • Stain removal

  • Leather edge coloring

  • Replacing inside bag linings

  • ​Spot coloring with color match

  • Patching tears in leather items

  • Replacing bag straps and handles 

  • Patching or replacing corners on bags

  • Replacing or recovering leather section on bags

  • Replacing or repairing of bag zippers, sliders, buttons, buckles, and other hardware

Can't find what you want? Tell us what you need with a picture of your bag; and we'll tell you how we can help you together with a free quote. 

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